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Photographing The Lake District by Stuart Holmes

“a truly astonishing debut from fotoVue”

A great review for Photographing The Lake District from Dave Mycroft at MyOutdoors.

Some of things Dave said about our first book:

….The level of detail is astonishing
….in a language and style that really works
….explains the concepts with a rare simplicity and clarity.
…..When it comes to the photographer Stuart Holmes is one of the most respected professionals working in the Lake District.

You can read the full review at MyOutdoors

Five star review for Photographing The Lake District at www.ephotozine.comephotozine_review


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The Lake District is a mountainous region situated in the north west of England and is widely regarded as the most beautiful area of the country. It has long been the inspiration for artists, photographers, writers and poets, the most famous former resident being William Wordsworth whose writing was very much born from the local character. The combination of geology and climate has resulted in a compact area where ‘scenes of the wildest grandeur and the most tranquil beauty exist side by side.’

The landscape we see today is far from natural; the forests that once covered the area were cut down hundreds of years ago to make charcoal for smelting iron. The grassy fell slopes are maintained by extensive sheep grazing. Much of the current forestry is planted and coniferous rather than the natural broad leaf varieties although there still exist some areas of natural woodland. Mining of rich mineral deposits and slate extraction has left a fascinating legacy of industrial archaeology. Dry stone walls and local stone houses are an important part of the character of the National Park and strict planning regulations are in place in order to retain the character of the area.

Photographing The Lake District Preview

Selected pages from Photographing The Lake District can be viewed below. Click to view and press esc on your keyboard to return to this page.. This is a large format book, 320 pages and full colour throughout with 350 photographs and:

• 70 location chapters
• 14 chapters on improving your photography


Photographing THE LAKE DISTRICT by Stuart Holmes  is a comprehensive photographic-location guide to the most beautiful places to take photographs in the English Lake District. This is the first book in the fotoVUE series of photo guidebooks to be published.


Author Stuart Holmes describes 70 locations and hundreds of viewpoints for the reader to visit. Each location chapter starts with an overview describing historical, literary, geological, and natural history features including the photographic potential of a location. Detailed directions with maps and sat nav information are given, along with access information including whether a location is accessible by wheelchair. Suggested photographic viewpoints are described at each location along with advice on how to take the best photographs whilst there. It is lavishly illustrated with over 350 high quality colour photographs of Lake District landscapes and rural life. This guidebook will appeal to both keen photographers and anybody with a camera who visits the UK’s most popular National Park.

The introduction to the book includes chapters on seasonal highlights, best times to visit, how to get around the Lake District and the weather.

Photographic Technique and Advice: The book is split into two sections. The first section describes each location, the second section consists of 14 chapters offering photographic advice on how to improve your photography including: camera and lens choice, composition, exposure, depth of field, sunrise and sunset photography, how to catch a rainbow and how to photograph waterfalls.

On the front flap of the book there is a sun compass and sun elevation graphic, along with sunset and sunrise times throughout the year to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

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About the author

StuartStuart Holmes was lucky enough to be brought up around Keswick in the Lake District, an ideal playground for anyone who is into outdoor adventures. Having had various point and shoot cameras from the age of 11, the photography got a bit more serious on his first climbing trip to the Alps in 1986. Armed with an Olympus OM10 film SLR he made several ascents including a solo trip up Mount Blanc. Being able to record and relate some of the experience of being in a beautiful place on returning home was a revelation.

For 20 years until 2009, Stuart worked as an exploration geologist, traveling to remote locations worldwide. The job allowed lots of time to go climbing, paragliding and generally larking around in the hills with a camera. During this time he was also taking and selling landscape and adventure sports photographs, primarily to magazines. He has exhibited locally in the Lake District and in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

The adventurous spirit has never waned, and he takes regular trips to more mountainous parts of the world in search of a new challenge, from the summit of Everest to the coast of California.The Lake District is still Stuart’s home however and if conditions are good he is normally to be found chasing the light in the hills with his camera.