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We work with the best landscape and outdoor photographers to produce and publish high quality photo-location guidebooks. As well as guiding you to the best places to take photographs in an area, our guidebooks are full of inspirational photography and give technical advice on how to take the best photographs.


Photographing East Anglia by Justin Minns is a big book, with over 500 pages covering 150 locations across Norfolk, Suffolk, North Essex and Cambridgeshire, including city guides to Norwich and Cambridge. The foreword has been kindly written by the acclaimed landscape photographer, David Noton. Signed pre-orders—with free UK shipping— are now available.
If you watched Alyn Wallace’s video of the Geminids meteor shower in La Palma you’ll have some appreciation of the passion he has for astro photography, as well his knowledge and expertise in this field. For over a year now, in-between his travels and workshops, Alyn has been working on Photographing The Night Sky to […]
We all have some family: mum, dad, brothers, sisters, spouse, partner, kids, grandparents, friends and documenting this family life is important. In the first departure from our photo-location guidebooks Sarah Mason and Suzi Garlick, ably assisted by their beautiful daughter Olive, have started work on a new fotoVUE book provisionally titled, Photographing Family.


You don’t have to be a climber or a mountaineer to enjoy one of the best mountain ranges in the world…..high mountain roads, cable cars and well-maintained paths lead you right into the heart of the peaks, towers and spires of Italy’s Dolomites...
The Peak District is a beautiful upland area at the southern end of the Pennines stretching from Ashbourne in the south to the M62 in the north.
In November 2016, fotoVUE director Stuart Holmes went on a month-long expedition with friends to attempt a previously unclimbed peak in the shadow of the third highest mountain in the world.