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Photographing the Lake District




by Stuart Holmes

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This comprehensive photo-location guidebook will help all photographers, from beginner to expert, to find, explore, and make the most of over 70 of the best photographic locations in the Lake District. Including hundreds of viewpoints and advice on how to get the best photographs.

Author, director of fotoVUE and professional photographer Stuart Holmes has lived in the Lake District all his life and using this local knowledge he guides you to both the classic locations and the hidden gems so that you will get the best out of your visit.

A delightful record of the fantastic views in the Lake District. Very well laid out and beautifully illustrated. It’s one of the best guides I’ve ever read.

Fiona Armstrong, broadcaster, author and judge at the Lakeland Book of the Year Awards 2015

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Lakes • Fells • Valleys • Waterfalls • Cottages and Farmhouses • Woodlands • Rivers • Bridges • Boats • Jetties • Wildlife • Classic Views • Landscapes and Panoramas • Villages • Shows and Events • Historic Houses • Castles • Gardens


  • Over 350 inspirational photographs
  • The best time of day and year for each location including seasonal highlights
  • Tips on how to improve your photography and getting the best from a location
  • Detailed maps, sun compass and equipment tips
  • Chapters on camera and lens choice, composition, exposure, depth of field, sunrise and sunset photography
  • How to catch a rainbow and how to photograph waterfalls


  • OS style maps produced by Don Williams of Bute Cartographics are used throughout, along with lat-long co-ordinates, map co-ordinates and postal codes for each location. Access information includes whether a location is accessible by wheelchair.



I applaud this book for the way in which it both promotes and encourages photographic exploration of the landscape and its people.

From the foreword by Richard Leafe Chief Executive, Lake District National Park

Lake District

Today lots of people come to enjoy one of the most beautifully scenic areas in the world.

The Circuit of Buttermere

The five mile path around Buttermere lakeshore has been a classic since Victorian times and must rank as one of the most beautiful walks anywhere. The Fish Inn was the home of Mary Robinson, a local girl who unwittingly became a tourist attraction due to the mention of her...

Birker Fell and Devoke Water

The road over Birker Fell climbs to more than 850ft as it crosses one of the most isolated and wild parts of the Lake District. The views are magnificent over the moors, fields and rough knobbly foreground to Sca Fell, Esk Pike, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags. This area enjoys...

Kelly Hall Tarn – Torver Back Common – Coniston

Kelly Hall Tarn is a small tarn in a beautiful setting just 5 minutes walk from the road. There are boulders and reeds, a lone pine and the stunning mountain backdrop of Coniston Old Man. Situated just 200m from the Land Rover garage near Torver. An ideal place to...

Keswick Boat Landings and Friars Crag

For Lake District photographers, both Keswick boat landings and Friars Crag are two of those iconic must visit places. John Ruskin, the Victorian art critic, social thinker and philanthropist described the view from Friars Crag as one of the 3 most beautiful in Europe. With easy access from the...

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2 reviews for Photographing the Lake District

  1. Mr. George Johnson

    One of the biggest problems faced by any landscape photographer is finding new places to shoot. As a semi-professional landscape photographer I spend an awful lot of my time scouting for new locations, you will visit many places and only a handful will show any potential. The Lake District in Cumbria is the UK landscape photographer’s Mecca. We all make the pilgrimage at least once, many will go many times. The vast array of scenery has been shot many,many times but that never stops us making the trip at least once every few years to take on the challenge of bringing home a killer shot.

    One of the most valuable things a landscape photographer ever does is to make contact with other photographers and share location tips. Some photographers will gladly share their entire stock of places to go, others will not be so forthcoming, most likely as they may not have managed to nail the shot of a particular location. I am glad to say that the author Stuart Holmes is someone who has gladly shared a genuine treasure trove of locations and made it available to everyone.

    One of the most stunning things about this book is the fact that Stuart, a frighteningly good photographer, has taken the time to share such intimate knowledge of his favourite spots in the Lakes. For example if you quickly flip through the book you will find that every photo has the location noted and exactly how to get from the second you get into the Lakes Stuart makes every effort to ensure you can find your way to a location, giving guidance on the best car park to head for, local transport, local obstacles that might be tackled. Stuart is a qualified mountaineer and he grades his locations as well, so you have basic locations that you can shoot from the window of your car right up to those that are on the brink of requiring mountaineering gear to reach!

    The Lakes are are broken down into separate areas, each area has dozens of locations specified with maps and guides on how to get there, where to park, the best time of year to go, what to expect at different times of the year. Stuart being a professional photographer shares his thoughts on how best to approach a particular viewpoint to get the best shot from it but it’s not done in such a way to suggest he knows best ( although he probably does! ) it’s posed a starting suggestion, as if you went with him and it’s your first time there and he was to guide you there but let you get on with it.

    The writing style manages to remain fluid and friendly but at the same time you are almost overwhelmed with the amount of information Stuart has provided about each location. It goes without saying that the images are are absolutely amazing and just leafing through you feel yourself itching to get in the car and drive there! Each image has the settings and gear that Stuart used to make the shot. One of the best things I found was that Stuart has not only captured stunning images from the “golden hour” but also at other times throughout the day and to a landscape photographer it almost feels as through it’s a test set by a mentor, “Here is the location shot during the day, it’s a great location but I want you to visualize what it will be like during “golden hour” and then get that perfect shot for me.”.

    At the back of the book the last 20-30 pages there is a superbly illustrated guide to the sort of kit you will need if you want to take landscape photographer seriously, lots of great hints on how to shoot properly and the sort of conditions you will need to understand in order to capture unique images. I will admit that as a semi-pro shooter I was pretty much aware of most of it but even I found one or two little snippets that might be useful to know, anyone else who’s not quite up to the semi-pro level will find this information extremely useful, especially when they go to see their bank manager about buying new kit! Ha ha!

    I was planning a trip to the Lakes later in the year but worried I would be short of locations or not be able to spend enough time finding the good one ( although they say you can drop your camera on the ground it clicks and you will get something stunning anywhere in the Lakes! ), then I got hold of this book and I have to say there is enough information in this book to keep me going back to Cumbria for many years to come.

    If I’m honest it should not be this price…it’s worth 10 times the price! If you’re are a serious photographer, a hill walker or a mountaineer and you want to know the best locations in the Lakes to get good shoots from, I can’t imagine there would be a better book at such a great price, that would help you get the shots.

  2. Mr. K. C. Littlewood

    A beautiful book with loads of locations for you visiting during your time in the Lake District. The author includes lots of viewpoints and tips on how to improve your photography with real examples and location advice. The book is perfect to put in your rucksack to have to hand when going out exploring and I would recommend regardless of camera equipment or ability.

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